Tutus, Kisses and Boys Who Love You

You know that moment in parenting where you think, “Hey, I think I got the hang of this!” and then days, hours, maybe even minutes later you’re like, “Yeeeeaaaaah…. no I don’t.” You’d think after six years I’d realize that when it comes to parenting there’s no such thing as “getting the hang of it.”

Suddenly overnight Big Sis has become a big kid. She talks like a big kid, acts like a big kid, and looks like a BIG kid. I slowly feel her pulling away from us, just a bit, establishing her independence. She’s always been very opinionated and independent but this is different. It’s almost like she’s starting the journey of coming into her own, figuring out things without us. I know it’s just the very beginning of a long journey of discovering who she is and what God has for her in this world but it’s very crazy to see it starting.

Motherhood in the Trenches

On one part she’s still a little girl, asking for all tutus and frilly dresses for school. Sizing them up by their twirlability. When we came home from school shopping she tried on her dresses and tutus for Little E, twirling in circles, Little E clapping and saying “Twirl again, twirl again!” Sometimes I think I’m living in “Little Women” and I LOVE it!!!

Motherhood in the Trenches

And then there’s this…

Last week we were at the park. Big Sis and Little E were attempting to climb a tree, I was sitting on the blanket with Belle watching from afar. I looked up and realized that Big Sis wasn’t near the tree anymore. I looked around and out of nowhere she quickly jumps on the blanket looking a little frantic. I look at her puzzled.

“What’s going on? Where were you?”

She looks at me with a weird look I hadn’t seen before and she says, “I can’t believe I’m about to say this but that boy in the green shirt just told me that the boy in the red shirt loves me.”

This was my first “Oh crap, what am I supposed to say” moment.

I’m pretty good at writing, not so good at speaking eloquently on demand.

I fumbled around my words mumbling a lot of “ohs” and “ums” and then, trying to buy myself some more thinking time, I just say “ohhhhhhh, they were just playing around.”

She looks at me with her sassy, doubting look and says, “Really? Cuz I AM NOT ready for this. Not ready for this at all.”

Inside I was dying of laughter and also thinking, “Neither am I kid, neither. AM. I.”

I wish I could tell you some great thing I ended up saying to her but I don’t think I said much worth anything. There was something about not loving somebody you’ve only seen and something about true love is loving who a person is, not just seeing them across the park. I don’t know, whatever it was, it was not helpful.

Finally Dirk comes walking over and I think, “Oh good, He’s so good with words, he’ll totally have something great to say.”

He notices Big Sis’ flustered face right away and says, “What’s up?” She tells him the whole thing and he just lets out a big laugh and says, “What?!” and then laughs some more.

Clearly we are not ready for this part of parenting.

As she grows I know there’s only more and more of these moments that will come up. When I drop her off at school she still wants a kiss goodbye. When she spies me from across the room, waiting to pick her up from Awanas she waves and blows me kisses until it’s her turn to come up.

I’ve think I’ve taken that forgranted for 6 years but I see that those days will soon come to an end and so I mentally grab every kiss and put it in my pocket because I know I’m going to miss them so.

Motherhood in the Trenches

Parenting littles is so hard sometimes and sometimes I can’t help but wish that things were easier and the kids were bigger because I’m barely keeping my head above water. But as Big Sis’ littleness fades away, I cling even more to all three of my girls “little” stuff because I see how fleeting it is and how much I’m going to miss it so very very much.

Books for Bird Study

We are wrapping up what has been my favorite study to date…BIRDS! I had no idea how much there is to know about birds. I’m constantly staring out the windows to see what the birds are up to. I’m so intrigued by their behaviors and sounds. Dirk now lovingly calls me a bird nerd. I just can’t stop.

So in our study of birds we’ve used quite a few different resources but, as always, books have offered us such a rich study. There are some great non-fiction books out there but I really prefer fiction books. While non-fiction books provide a lot of facts, I have found that when the facts are applied to a story we remember them so much better and it’s so much more fun! We found some really great books, both fiction and non-fiction, and I thought I’d share our favorites with you.

Books for Bird Study | Motherhood in the Trenches

First up we like the DK First Animal Encyclopedia. This is a newly released edition. It has some really great facts and has fun seek and find pictures at the beginning of each chapter. Both of my girls love it.

Now lets talk about two chapter books that we loved.

The Burgess Bird Book for Children is so fun and FULL of facts, in fact so many facts that you’ll never remember them all in just one reading. If you are an Epic! member you can read the full book on the app as well, if you aren’t a member of Epic you totally should be! Check out my blog post about it here, we LOVE it and use it almost every day. I read this book to Big Sis a bit but she mostly enjoyed listening to the audio on Librivox. If after reading a chapter, she was especially intrigued by a specific bird we would look up more info about the bird and maybe even make a nature journal page to go with it. It’s times like these that I think, “How did people homeschool without the internet?!” I mean seriously, we can let our curiosities lead us wherever we want and learn more than we could ever remember about a single bird. It seriously blows my mind.

Another read aloud that we have SO enjoyed is The Trumpet of the Swan. I just love E. B. White. This is a sweet story of Louis the trumpeter swan who is born without the ability to make a sound. With the help of a boy named Sam he figures out several clever ways to communicate. The vocabulary in this is perfect for a real aloud for young kiddos. Big Sis and I are absolutely loving it.

Edward the Emu was my girls’ favorite fiction bird book.

This is a fun light-hearted story about an emu who tries to take on the role of several different animals in the zoo in effort of trying to be the best animal at the zoo. Of course, Edward ends up learning that Emus are great and he should just be himself. The illustrations are fun and while there aren’t many bird facts it’s just an overall fun book.

My favorite story that we read was Albert.

I wasn’t expecting much from this book but it really was a sweet story and a great reminder that we should be getting out there even when it’s not easy. Basically Albert is a man who looks out his window each day and finds a reason not to go outside, it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, etc. But then a family of cardinals builds their nest in his hand and he is stuck there for months holding this nest. This would be an especially good book for kids who struggle with anxiety. One of our girls does and it was a great springboard for talking about all he was missing out on by making excuses not to go outside.

Hello My Name is Ruby is another fun book that will introduce your kids to whimsical images of different birds but the story is just a fun light-hearted story.

Feathers for Lunch is a fun, short little story, probably best for the youngest readers but Big Sis still liked to look at the various birds and feathers, which are labeled on each page. E really enjoyed the story though.

Pale Male was interesting true story of a hawk who takes up residence in New York City. The book is pretty long but Big Sis was interested in the story and wanted me to read it all in one sitting.

Mama Built a Little Nest is a cute story about different types of nests that birds build. There are also facts about each birds’ nest throughout the book.

An Egg is Quiet is about all different types of eggs, not just bird eggs. The illustrations are beautiful. There’s also a book, which we didn’t read, called A Nest is Noisy which is about different type of animal nests.

Feathers: Not Just for Flying is another beautifully illustrated book that talks about the various uses of feathers.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? was Big Sis’ favorite book. There are various birds’ calls within the book and Big Sis and E loved repeating after me.

There are also some really great bird books on Epic! that we enjoyed reading.

Adopted By An Owl on Epic! Books

Adopted by an Owl: The True Story of Jackson the Owl is a really cool story about a man who helps rehabilitate an owl and after releasing the owl, the owl decides to stay on the family farm for his whole life. It’s a really sweet story and a great way to open up the conversation about respecting nature.


I really loved Is This Panama?: A Migration Story. It’s a super cute story of Sammy, a Wilson’s warbler, who is going to make his first migration from the Arctic Circle to Panama. He makes various friends along his way and finally makes it to Panama although he took the long way. At the end of the book you can see the normal path a Wilson warbler takes and the path that Sammy took.

We read a few other books as well but these were our favorites. Do you have a favorite bird book we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to check it out!


Clean Living

One night I was brushing my teeth before bed and glanced at my lipgloss container on the counter (my makeup is pretty much always spread out on our bathroom counter, sorry Dirk). I started to read the ingredients in my lipgloss and I was baffled but then I was baffled that I was baffled. I am so careful about what my family eats, reading every label of every food that we eat, I’m also careful about what products I use on my kids and yet here on my counter sits a product that I use every day, full of potentially harmful chemicals. Here are just a few of the products that we use that are filled with harmful chemicals.

Motherhood in the Trenches | Non-Toxic Living

I immediately looked at the other bottles on my counter. I had no idea what most of the ingredients were but I needed to know what ingredients I was lathering on my face and body every day. I immediately started to research my bathroom products. There are so many carcinogens in our every day products. It was so overwhelming when I began my research because it seems that everything is loaded with carcinogens.

I know there are a lot of skeptics out there, I was one of them but here’s the thing, people are getting sick like crazy. I have so many friends whose young bodies are failing them, literally attacking themselves. Autoimmune diseases are prevalent in my family. In college, when I was stressed to the max, planning my wedding, working, taking 21 units and eating horribly, my body started to fail me. My blood work was coming back as positive for an autoimmune disease but I was never diagnosed with a specific autoimmune disease. I started taking better care of myself and as of right now I don’t have any issues but I feel like a ticking time bomb that could explode at any time. Our bodies are falling apart and while I know that food is a GIANT factor, I also know that the thousands of chemicals we are exposed to can’t be helping our bodies.

I am still researching chemicals and products daily but here’s what I’ve found helpful so far…

First of all, I asked Dirk to watch a documentary with me called “Stink!” He’s always skeptical of my “hippy choices”, as he calls them, and I knew that he would be a voice of reason in any area where I was ready to jump on the bandwagon. There were some pretty alarming statistics in this documentary. Unfortunately the website for the documentary doesn’t have a list of studies or facts but I did do some research myself. Some of the studies aren’t very extensive but regardless, I think this guy was on to something. After watching the documentary Dirk was surprisingly alarmed and was telling me to start researching the facts and to find new products to replace our current products.

So what did I find in my research for products? There’s so much to sift through but there are a few resources that have been most helpful. The Campaign for Safe Cosmetics site has a page that lists “Chemicals of Concern” which has been really helpful for making my own decisions and not just relying on faulty studies. I also downloaded the Think Dirty app and the Environmental Working Group’s Healthy Living app. These two apps are a good resource for scanning products both in your home as well as at the store, to see what ingredients are in them and what the concern is about that given ingredient. I do wish that there were more products listed and that the products were updated more frequently but it’s a good place to start. I really like that I can determine what I think of each ingredient and make an educated decision, not just trust what a bottle says. If you really want to know what’s in your products and it’s not listed on either app, you can also go onto the EWG website and type in each ingredient and get information for that ingredient, it does take a few minutes but it’s totally worth it.

As with anything, I know I can only focus on one product at a time. It takes a lot of research and trial and error to figure out what to use and what works for my family. As I go on this journey to find cleaner, safer products for our home, I thought I’d share my findings and choices. I’d also love to hear of any products you guys are using and why you love them.

In this quest for healthier products, I have a list of criteria that the products have to meet:

1) It has to work. I cannot accept clean and natural if it doesn’t work. The new product has to meet or exceed the effectiveness of the product that I was previously using. I know that natural cleaning products  often take some extra elbow grease and that’s okay, I’m willing to put in a bit more work but the end result has to be just as good.

2) It can’t be too time consuming. I know that there are tons of recipes on how to make everything at home and some day I may do that but right now I’m not in a place where that is feasible. For most things I will be looking for products that I can buy off the shelf or online. I’m willing to put some effort in to making some items but it has to be quick and not make a big mess.

3) It has to be reasonably priced. I know that just like with clean eating, healthy products are going to cost more but they still need to be reasonable. We cannot afford to be doubling our toiletry or cleaning supply bill.

4) It has to be a healthy alternative. Now some people are hard core when it comes to natural products saying that they’ll only put on their skin what they would also eat. I cannot commit to that right now. I am using the EWG’s rating scale as well as the Think Dirty app. I’m looking for products that get a rating no higher than a 3 (maybe a 4 if necessary) and do not contain carcinogens or developmental and reproductive toxicity.

This is a lot to take on but with the above criteria in mind, I am going forward in this journey. Is anyone also headed in the same direction? I’d love to hear from you!

What I Want For Mother’s Day

There’s something about this third baby that has totally changed the way I see my life. I feel like there are so many times that I am taking “visual snapshots.” Slowing down is still something I struggle with, but I find myself lingering longer, studying my girls’ features, trying to mentally capture each tiny thing. Suddenly I know how fleeting these moments are.

There’s a Mother’s Day video going viral right now that really bums me out. I’m not sure when Mother’s Day became a day to get away from your kids or a day to wish your kids were different. I mean, that’s not exactly what the video says but moms everywhere are agreeing with this mom who says that she just wants one day off. I mean I could use a day off too, I’d love to get some sleep for once, or to watch a show that isn’t animated or to not be cleaning the kitchen at 9 pm. A break WOULD be nice but this mom’s Mother’s Day wish is that her kids call for their dad every time they want to call “mom” and she doesn’t want them to talk to her unless they are going to tell her how much they love her. Someone give this lady a break! Give us all a break! We need a break!!!! But is Mother’s Day really the day for that?

Motherhood in the Trenches

You see here’s the thing, I don’t love listening to my kids argue with each other, and sometimes I just want to yell, “Everyone find a corner and stay there until dinner!” even when it’s only 3pm. Sometimes listening to their tattles problems drives me insane. “Seriously, my dear children, just deal with it! Life is not all about YOU!” Sometimes I dread the sound of, “Moooom!” But here’s the thing, someday not too far in the future, my kids are going to want to have dinner at their friend’s house and there will be an empty seat at our dinner table. If I don’t listen to their problems now, one day they will stop telling me their problems and will find comfort in the ears of their peers. One day my girls will be completely self-dependent and won’t be calling, “Mooooom!” nearly enough.

I’m not trying to be sappy here, I’m being genuine. It’s taken me six years to realize this, these years are so fleeting. Not just these infant years but every single second. Big Sis isn’t always going to come skipping into my room to sit next to me on the bed. Little E isn’t always going to want to cuddle for 5 seconds before she runs off to the next adventure. Baby Girl is changing by the minute. I don’t want to wish these days away, not even on Mother’s Day. I KNOW it’s hard and there are times, every single day, that I think, “I need a break!” but this Mother’s Day I want to watch my girls run around. I want to hear their stories, as long and tedious as they may be. I want to look into their eyes and let them know that they are loved. It won’t be all rainbows and butterflies, I have a two year old after all. There will be meltdowns and ungrateful attitudes, there will most definitely be a lack of sleep and of course the stress of getting out of the house to make it to church on time, but I want to enjoy every moment and let my kids know that I am enjoying them too.

I could use a break, a spa day sounds amazing! It’s so easy for me to slip into a selfish mentality, and I have spent many a Mother’s Day expecting to be pampered but not this Mother’s Day. This Mother’s Day I’m going to be extra careful to pay attention to every aspect that makes me a mother, even the really hard moments, and thank the Lord that He has given me these people and this opportunity.


Hey Baby!

It’s been over three months since I’ve last posted and the Dallas family is now a party of five.


After what seemed like the longest pregnancy and shortest labor, our third baby girl joined our family on January 3rd.

Hey Baby 1

She’s teeny tiny compared to my other two girlies.


She is my third baby with colic which was so hard. I’ve cut out dairy from my diet completely and she’s become a pretty easy-going baby, which I couldn’t have said about my other two, even when they did get over their colic.


She’s been such a joy.


I was so nervous about having three kiddos. I heard from so many people that the transition to three kids is really hard but so far it hasn’t been bad at all. I think by now I’ve learned to let things go and just focus on what’s most important. Some days that meant everyone just remained fed and alive but everything gets a bit easier with each day that passes. It does take us a LONG time to get out of the house but we are back to homeschooling and nature days out exploring. We made it to church on Easter and again last week. I’ve survived a few shopping trips with all three kids but I try to run errands when the hubby can watch at least one of them. We also survived for 8 days while Dirk was in Iceland! That was quite an accomplishment and everything went so smoothly. There are times that all three girls are melting down and we can’t help but look around us and just laugh. It’s chaos but it’s also so fun. Overall the adjustment hasn’t been bad at all. I’m looking forward to getting back to “normal” and jumping back into blogging. I have lots of posts pending that I’m hoping to share with you all soon. Thanks for sticking around!