My Top Five Favorite Podcasts

Top Five Favorite Podcasts | Motherhood in the Trenches

I love a good podcast. When my sink is piled up with dishes or the floor needs a good mopping or the mountains of laundry need to be folded, a good podcast can change my attitude from dread to anticipation.

It was my hubby who first got me hooked on podcasts, we would separately listen to various TED talks and then discuss them afterward but TED could only carry me so far. I started looking for more and more podcasts and now I have a few that I really look forward to listening to each week. I love hearing about new podcasts so I thought I’d share my faves and I hope you’ll share your’s too!

Favorite Mommy Podcast: Coffee + Crumbs

Motherhood in the Trenches: Favorite PodcastsMy friend Jen recently told me about this podcast and I am hooked. There are some really great podcasts on motherhood out there but this one is for real. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m a no frills kinda girl. I like jeans and t-shirts maybe an occasional blouse. I’m a glass half empty, or maybe even completely empty, kinda gal because from there things can only look up. I’m really trying to work on that perspective this year though! There are some podcasts out there that talk about a lot of precious things in motherhood but skip over the really hard things. I’m in the “trenches of motherhood” and I need to be reminded that I’m not alone here. That is what Coffee + Crumbs is all about, it’s three moms of little kids, who love Jesus and also know that motherhood is hard. I love their real perspective, the encouraging interviews and just everything about them.

Favorite episodes:


Favorite Homeschool Podcast, Not Just for Homeschoolers: At Home

Motherhood in the Trenches: Favorite PodcastsI’ve been following Greta Eskridge and Kristin Rogers on Instagram for a really long time. Even though I’ve only met Greta once and haven’t had an opportunity to meet Kristin, they are like some of my favorite people. They share real life but still bring so much joy, encouragement and beauty to their feeds and those who follow them. When I heard that they and a few other homeschool mamas were starting a podcast I was SO excited and I haven’t been disappointed, it is my absolute favorite podcast ever. In each episode they have a roundtable discussion about a given topic. I love hearing different perspectives on the same topic and while they are all further ahead in the parenting journey than I am, they still keep it real and I love that about them. I always leave encouraged and challenged to think through some of the things we’re doing at home. It’s hard to pick favorites because I really love almost every episode but here are a few you really have to check out, whether you homeschool or not…

Favorite episodes:


Favorite Kid Podcast: Brains On

Motherhood in the Trenches: Favorite PodcastsSo this podcast can be a little cheesy but Big Sis loves it. It’s all about science, which is her favorite and the two older girls love to guess the mystery sound in each episode. One thing to note, this is a secular podcast and as such, some episodes have a strong bent towards evolution so you’ll want to use your own discretion there.


Some of Big Sis’ favorite episodes:


Favorite “Girly” Podcast: The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey

170x170bb-3If you listen to this podcast, be ready to expand your personal reading list. Each week Jamie Ivey talks with a “girlfriend” about the big things in life, a lot of times these “girlfriends” have written books and the show allows you to hear just enough of her story that you totally want to go out and buy her book. I am fairly new to this podcast so I haven’t listened to the episodes in order, I’m sure there are some amazing episodes I’ve missed but these are my favorites that I’ve listened to so far…

Favorite Episodes:


Favorite Podcast for Anybody: TED Radio Hour

Motherhood in the Trenches: Favorite PodcastsEach episode of the TED Radio Hour is a compilation of several TED talks that center on one theme such as screentime, the source of happiness, artificial intelligence and other interesting topics. I think Guy Raz is a great host and while I tend to listen only when a subject seems interesting, I really enjoy the way they compile the TED talks.


Favorite Episodes:


Here are a few other favorites that I enjoy listening to:

I’d love to hear what you’re listening to, especially if it’s something that doesn’t fall into one of these categories. I need to expand my podcast listening! :)