Handmade Toys: Velcro Board for Baby

Are my kids the only ones who don’t like to play with toys? I’ve heard the popular saying that kids would rather play with the boxes than the toy that comes in the box. That’s so my girls.

Little E loves our LeapFrog Magnetic Letters. She loves to put them on and take them off and of course to throw them all over the floor. I wanted to find something else that might keep her attention for more than 5 seconds so I came up with a velcro board. I knew I wanted to do something with velcro and a board so I headed over to Pinterest and found quite a few different options. I combined a few of the ideas and came up with this baby velcro board.

DIY Baby Velcro Board | Motherhood in the Trenches

This was super easy, inexpensive and can be used with so many different objects.

Here’s what you need:

DIY Baby Velcro Board | Motherhood in the Trenches

  • Velcro (I bought “one-wrap roll” because it wasn’t very pokey. It was a bit more expensive but I felt like it might be a bit more baby friendly)
  • Hot glue gun & glue sticks
  • Wooden Plaque
  • Objects to glue velcro to: Extra Large Pompoms, Giant Buttons, Blocks, the general rule is anything that can fit through a toilet paper roll is too small and poses a choking hazard.

All you need to do is cut out strips of velcro long enough to cover the board (I saw some where they put several strips of velcro on the board rather than covering the whole board, that is a great option as well). Hot glue the velcro onto the board. Cut pieces of velcro to fit onto your objects and hot glue the other side of the velcro to the objects for play. If you’re using pompoms make sure to really push the velcro deep into it otherwise it will just stick to the end fibers and the velcro will come off. You can switch out the objects as often as you’d like to keep things fresh and fun. So far I’ve found that the hot glue peels off of the objects well with no damage to the toys.

Disclaimer: This is not a toy to be played with without supervision. It is homemade and therefore could end up with loose ends. So far it’s been well played with at our house and is holding up well but I still make sure to keep a close eye on Little E when she’s playing with it.

DIY Baby Velcro Board | Motherhood in the Trenches

DIY Baby Velcro Board | Motherhood in the Trenches

DIY Baby Velcro Board | Motherhood in the Trenches

What would you put on your velcro board?

  • Lindsey Vacek

    Did you put the hooks part or the loops part on the board? Thanks!

    • http://www.motherhoodinthetrenches.com Alicia Dallas

      Hi Lindsey, sorry for the SUPER late reply. I guess I’d say the loops part but the velcro that I used was more fuzzy than loopy. Hope that helps. :)

    • Zainab Alsmadi

      I’m also curious to know this.

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  • Erin Childs

    This is just genius!

  • Zainab Alsmadi

    can you post the link to the exact velcro you bought?

  • Krys

    What happened to the rule that you never give kids under four items smaller than a toilet paper tube because of potential choking? Is that not a “thing” any more?