Nature Walks with Purpose

nature walks with purpose

Are you on Instagram? Who isn’t right? One of my absolute favorite “IGers” is Kristin Rogers (@kristinrogers). She is such an inspiration. She is a homeschooling mom and often posts pics of their nature group’s outings and their nature journals.  Seeing Kristin’s IG feed has really inspired me to go seeking nature, not just going to the park to get Big Sis outside but to find places that allow for exploration. What’s so cool, is that since we’ve started doing this, even walks around our neighborhood have picked up so much more meaning. Big Sis often stops to collect all sorts of things and she now pays attention to things she used to just walk right by.

This is such a simple and fun thing to do. All you need is a place to go explore, the beach, gardens, even a park with a variety of greenery. A watercolor tablet, watercolors, and colored pencils. Some additional fun things to add are binoculars, a magnifying glass, camera/camera phone and a tote bag to collect fun things. Remember to respect the wildlife you’re around. Since we were at the gardens we made a point to only collect things that had already fallen off the tree or plant, you don’t want to harm the nature around you. I already have a list of local places to take her to, to explore. I can’t wait to try them all out!

Our first outing was to the UCR Botanical Gardens. We’ve been here several times before but always with an agenda. This time I just let her loose and followed her wherever she wanted to go.

naturewalk 2

Along the way I pointed things out to her, like vibrant flowers and unusual plants. After awhile she got excited about things on her own and would call me over to take look. She would collect some things and others she used my phone to take pics. We saw a lot of animals like turtles, fish, lots of lizards, a squirrel and a large spider. I loved watching her little self explore and the questions that came with the exploration. She wanted to know what each animal eats and where they sleep. Why the leaves fall to the ground on their own, etc. These are things she would never have thought to ask had we not been out exploring.

Then it was time to fill out her nature journal. Ideally I think this would take place at the area your exploring but it was past nap time and I knew we wouldn’t get very far without a full blown meltdown, so we headed home. After she napped we looked at all of the things she collected and the pictures she took. I set out the watercolors and colored pencils and told her that she was going to paint or draw what she saw today. We went through the things she collected and the pictures she took. She drew or painted some kind of representation of each item.

Here’s the pink tree she saw and how she painted it.

pink tree


I asked her what colors she saw on the tree and told her to find those colors to paint it. I was surprised to see that she actually painted something that kind of resembles a tree.

Here’s a picture of the turtles and fish and how she portrayed them…

fish and turtles

Our main focus was the conversation about what she saw and using the correct colors to portray what she saw. She LOVED doing this. On the left you’ll see a big orange oval. There was one really large fish and she said that one fish was SO big that it needed it’s own page. :) As she finished each page, I wrote down what she dictated to me and labeled each animal for her so that she can go back to it and “read” it or have us read it to her. Drawing or painting the items also led us to talk about how fish breathe underwater, and that spiders have 8 legs.