Strawberry Picking: Kenny’s Strawberry Farm

One of my favorite things to do is to get outdoors with my family. I am very easily a homebody but as soon as I get outside I feel renewed. The more I go outside, the more I want to be outside and I see the same thing in my kiddos. We are fortunate enough to have a group of friends who feel the same way so every week we meet on Tuesday mornings and explore somewhere. Since most of the kiddos are pretty young, we usually stick to nature centers, farms and easier hikes.

Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

This week we visited Kenny’s Strawberry Farm in Fallbrook, CA. Kenny’s Strawberry Farm is similar to other U-Pick farms we’ve been to but let me tell you, if you’ve never picked fresh strawberries, you need to ASAP. These are the best strawberries I’ve ever had, even better than our local farmer’s market’s delicious strawberries. So juicy, so ripe, so so good.

Even Belle can tell that there’s something special about these berries. ;)

Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

Why we like it:

Easy parking: There’s a dirt lot that seems to have ample parking. There was a small field trip and a few other families visiting the day we visited and there seemed to be plenty more parking.

Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

The Collection Baskets: Sounds silly but have you ever taken toddlers and preschoolers fruit picking with a one handled basket? Lets just say, we’ve had plenty of blueberries spill on the dirt floor. The baskets are two handled baskets which make it almost impossible to spill. None of the 7 kiddos we were with spilled their strawberries. Yay!

Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

Easy to pick: Apple picking is hard because they’re up high, veggie picking can be tricky (especially those carrots!) and it’s difficult for the kiddos to decipher ripe blueberries from the unripe ones. Strawberries are easy to get off of the plant and it’s easy to determine if they’re ripe or not. Even the 3 year olds were able to find the ripe strawberries by their deep red color

Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

Picnic Area: There’s a spicket to rinse off your berries (only rinse the ones you’re going to eat there otherwise they’ll go bad really fast!) and covered picnic tables where you can sit and enjoy your strawberries.


Kenny's Farm Review | Motherhood in the Trenches

What should you bring?

  • Cash or credit card
  • Good walking shoes
  • Baby carrier for tiny ones (this is not stroller friendly)
  • Water bottles
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses, hats, etc. Aside from the picnic area, there’s not much shade so plan to be out in the sun while you’re picking
  • Wipes, cuz you know your kiddos are gonna end up covered in those juicy strawberries

 Things you should know:

This is a pretty quick trip. It only took our group of three mamas and 7 mostly little kiddos about 40 minutes to pick, pay and eat so if you’re driving a ways to get there you might want to head over to Myrtle Creek Botanical Gardens for a bit. I have a full post on Myrtle Creek coming soon but for now, you can click the link and check out what they have to offer, a butterfly garden, bird sanctuary, and beautiful grassy areas to run around, plus their  strawberry salad and Myrtle Berry Lemonade is delicious!!!!

Cease Striving


It was past midnight, I laid in bed unable to sleep, warm tears soaking my pillow. I was so unhappy and feeling so guilty for being so unhappy. There were so many good things in my life, how could I possibly feel so lost?

In the dark of night, I began to pour out my heart on paper:

I want to feel alive
I want to feel the sand running though my fingers
Each grain slipping through, rubbing against my hands
My hands that so easily take to busyness, to work

Too busy to enjoy life
Too busy to feel alive

I want to see the smile on my daughters’ faces
Study each tooth, each line, each movement
Feel the joy exuding from them

To lay in bed next to my husband,
Hear his heartbeat,
His deep breaths as he falls into a slumber
Remembering from where we have come
But looking forward to our future

I want to feel alive
Taking the cool air into my nose,
Filling up my lungs
Recognizing the Creator
In awe of the One who gave me this life

To stop
To pause
To feel
To be


Night after night I poured out my heart on paper, random thoughts, raw emotions, spilling on the page…

Sometimes I want to shout from the rooftops, “I am here!” “I matter!” just so I believe myself.

What do I like and dislike?

What do I enjoy doing?

What makes me happy?

What brings me real joy?

WHO am I?

I was so lost. I had forgotten how to find delight. I had lost all sense of who I was. I allowed myself to get so tired, so worn down, so overworked that I had forgotten how to find delight in anything at all. I literally didn’t even know where to start to find delight. I was too tired for a hobby. Too exhausted to go out with friends. I wanted to enjoy my kids and my hubby and the life that was whirling around me but I was too tired…mentally, physically, emotionally DONE.

As I started praying and seeking the Lord, Psalm 46:10 kept “popping up.” Don’t you love those “coincidences?” Sweet whispers from the Lord. “Be still, and know that I am God.” This is a seemingly simple part of Psalm 46:10 and while it has been redundant to my ears many times, it hit me like a ton of bricks this time. The New American Standard version says, “Cease striving and know that I am God.”

God’s words to my heart:

Just be. Stop striving. Stop looking for more, stop wondering what will be, what could be, what could have been. Just be. Take Me in, learn about who I really am. Take in the life around you, your kids, your husband, creation that is all around you. Exist in the space that you are in. Stop going from one thing to another while thinking about the next thing. Just BE.

I played these words over and over in my mind.

My prayers for myself before all of this were often prayers of, “I don’t know what to pray for myself but God help me.” Now I had clarity for what to pray for myself, “God help me be. God teach me how to cease striving.”

I have these beautiful lives right in front of me and every day that I am in a fog of anxiety or depression or busyness, is a day that I have swallowed up. Danielle Bennett says in her poem “Kairos” (a moving spoken word poem that you should totally listen to), “I want to taste the day before I swallow it.” I know that learning to “be” is going to be a lifetime journey. A life of learning to accept what is in front of me. A life of learning to enjoy what exists around me. A life of constantly surrendering myself to His glory. A life of learning to be ALIVE.


The Hard Truth About Mothering in the Early Years

The Hard Truth About Mothering in the Early Years | Motherhood in the Trenches

Our mind has a funny way of forgetting hard moments and over sentimentalizing the good ones. It’s the reason why moms have multiple children. We forget the pain, the struggle, the emotional rollercoaster, because in the end that pain gave us something, our children, whome we love with far more intensity than the pain we endured. Just because the really good times are really good, doesn’t mean that the past pains never happened, it just means that the really good has overshadowed the pain.

The same can be said of childrearing. These early years are hard, like SO hard. The other day we were at Trader Joes, my two older girls were trying to decide which nuts they wanted for their snacks. Next to us was an older lady, she looked at me and then my three girls and smiled, those smiling, sentimental eyes that I have become so familiar with. They are the smiling eyes of women who miss these “precious years.” As my girls were ”discussing” (arguing over) which nuts to get, the lady was looking over the nut section, obviously listening to the girls discuss why one nut was better than another. The lady quietly chuckled. When she was done and we were STILL there, she walked passed me, looked at me again and gave me another big smile. As my eyes met hers I smiled back knowing that she’s wanting to tell me to cherish every moment, to soak it up, knowing that her heart aches to have these days back.

I know in 40 years I’ll be that same lady, looking at the young mom in Trader Joes, wishing for my girls to be that little again, wishing that I had enjoyed it all more, wishing I had done things differently, recognizing that some of the things I prioritized maybe weren’t so important. The truth is, that’s not where I’m at today and as much as I literally fear looking back on these times with regret, this time is HARD and I do not soak in every moment. As much as I don’t want to, there are days that I just want to be over. Many nights I collapse on the couch and I have a heavy burden pressing on me because I’m not sure that I really enjoyed a single second of the day and I fear that I’m going to look back in 10 years and cry with great regret because I should have enjoyed this day that I have these tiny, precious, amazing kids.

Many times at night, I make the mistake of going on social media where I find other moms posting things about hanging with their “bestie” who happens to be their toddler or moms who talk about how much they enjoyed their lunch time with their kids and I wish that I felt like those other moms. I guilt myself into thinking that I am less of a mom because my kids are not my “besties” and much less of a mom because sometimes I feel like I want to crawl under the sheets and hide for 24 hours. I so want to enjoy my lunch with my kids, and I know some day I will but right now it’s not enjoyable. Lunch is the baby throwing her food on the floor while yelling “All done!” over and over and over again until I get her washed up and out of her highchair, it’s the three year old spilling her water all over the counter and needing more water, with ICE!!!! and the six year old, bless her heart, amidst all of this chaos, wants to know if I want to hear about her dream last night, which translates to “Mom, do you want to hear me talk for 10 minutes about something that doesn’t make any sense at all.” Oh, I don’t wish these days away, because I know how precious they are. I wake up every morning and pray for patience and to value each day and each child and to accomplish what God has for me that day. I try to live each day so that in 40 years, when these hard times do fade away, and I’m no longer feeling like I’m literally drowning, that there will be some really sweet memories left to be sentimental about but for now….it’s really hard and there are many moments that I do not enjoy and I think that as moms we can own that.

We don’t have to pretend that we got this. We don’t have to fool ourselves or others into thinking that this is great. We are doing every struggling mom a disservice when we act like we are okay when we’re not. We don’t have to act like we enjoy every moment, or even most moments together with our kids. We can acknowledge that we feel like we’re drowning sometimes, okay all of the time. We can acknowledge that sometimes the weight of the oh so heavy responsibility of raising children is more than we can bear. We can stand up and recognize that there are some really precious moments, some really joyful times, but those times are mixed in with the really hard and we don’t enjoy the really hard times and THAT’S OKAY.

One thing God has been reminding me of this week is that His power works best in weakness. When I stop trying to hold it all together, and I recognize AND admit my weaknesses, it is then that God can come in with His grace and His power and turn my world, my family, my attitude, my pain, my struggles, upside down for HIS kingdom.

1 Corinthians 12:8-10

“Three different times I begged the Lord to take [my thorn in the flesh] away. Each time he said, ‘My grace is all you need. My power works best in weakness.’ So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ can work through me. That’s why I take pleasure in my weaknesses, and in the insults, hardships, persecutions, and troubles that I suffer for Christ. For when I am weak, then I am strong.”

Mamas, whether you are finding this season in your life hard or sweet, I pray that you are able to find God’s power in your weaknesses.

Tutus, Kisses and Boys Who Love You

You know that moment in parenting where you think, “Hey, I think I got the hang of this!” and then days, hours, maybe even minutes later you’re like, “Yeeeeaaaaah…. no I don’t.” You’d think after six years I’d realize that when it comes to parenting there’s no such thing as “getting the hang of it.”

Suddenly overnight Big Sis has become a big kid. She talks like a big kid, acts like a big kid, and looks like a BIG kid. I slowly feel her pulling away from us, just a bit, establishing her independence. She’s always been very opinionated and independent but this is different. It’s almost like she’s starting the journey of coming into her own, figuring out things without us. I know it’s just the very beginning of a long journey of discovering who she is and what God has for her in this world but it’s very crazy to see it starting.

Motherhood in the Trenches

On one part she’s still a little girl, asking for tutus and frilly dresses for school, sizing them up by their twirlability. When we came home from school shopping she tried on her dresses and tutus for Little E, twirling in circles, Little E clapping and saying “Twirl again, twirl again!” Sometimes I think I’m living in “Little Women” and I LOVE it!!!

Motherhood in the Trenches

And then there’s this…

Last week we were at the park. Big Sis and Little E were attempting to climb a tree, I was sitting on the blanket with Belle watching from afar. I looked up and realized that Big Sis wasn’t near the tree anymore. I looked around and out of nowhere she quickly jumps on the blanket, looking a little frantic. I look at her puzzled.

“What’s going on? Where were you?”

She looks at me with a weird look I hadn’t seen before and she says, “I can’t believe I’m about to say this…but that boy in the green shirt just told me that the boy in the red shirt loves me.”

This was my first, “Oh crap, what am I supposed to say” moment.

I’m pretty good at writing, not so good at speaking eloquently on demand.

I fumbled around my words, mumbling a lot of “ohs” and “ums” and then, trying to buy myself some more thinking time I just say “ohhhhhhh, they were just playing around.”

She looks at me with her sassy, doubting look and says, “Really? Cuz I AM NOT ready for this. Not ready for this at all.”

Inside I was dying of laughter and also thinking, “Neither am I kid. Neither. AM. I.”

I wish I could tell you some great thing I ended up saying to her but I don’t think I said much worth anything. There was something about not loving somebody you’ve only seen and something else about true love is when you love who a person is not just seeing them across the park. I don’t know, whatever it was, it was not helpful.

Finally Dirk comes walking over and I think, “Oh good, he’s so good with words, he’ll totally have something great to say.”

He notices Big Sis’ flustered face right away and says, “What’s up?” She tells him the whole thing and he just lets out a big laugh and says, “What?!” and then laughs some more.

Clearly we are not ready for this part of parenting.

As she grows I know that  more and more of these moments will come up. When I drop her off at school she still wants a kiss goodbye. When she spies me from across the room, waiting to pick her up from Awanas, she waves and blows me kisses until it’s her turn to come up.

I think I’ve taken that for granted for 6 years but I see that those days will soon come to an end and so I mentally grab every kiss and put it in my pocket because I know I’m going to miss them so.

Motherhood in the Trenches

Parenting littles is so hard sometimes and sometimes I can’t help but wish that things were easier and the kids were bigger because I’m barely keeping my head above water. But as Big Sis’ littleness fades away, I cling even more to all three of my girls “little” stuff because I see how fleeting it is and how much I’m going to miss it so very very much.

Books for Bird Study

We are wrapping up what has been my favorite study to date…BIRDS! I had no idea how much there is to know about birds. I’m constantly staring out the windows to see what the birds are up to. I’m so intrigued by their behaviors and sounds. Dirk now lovingly calls me a bird nerd. I just can’t stop.

So in our study of birds we’ve used quite a few different resources but, as always, books have offered us such a rich study. There are some great non-fiction books out there but I really prefer fiction books. While non-fiction books provide a lot of facts, I have found that when the facts are applied to a story we remember them so much better and it’s so much more fun! We found some really great books, both fiction and non-fiction, and I thought I’d share our favorites with you.

Books for Bird Study | Motherhood in the Trenches

First up we like the DK First Animal Encyclopedia. This is a newly released edition. It has some really great facts and has fun seek and find pictures at the beginning of each chapter. Both of my girls love it.

Now lets talk about two chapter books that we loved.

The Burgess Bird Book for Children is so fun and FULL of facts, in fact so many facts that you’ll never remember them all in just one reading. If you are an Epic! member you can read the full book on the app as well, if you aren’t a member of Epic you totally should be! Check out my blog post about it here, we LOVE it and use it almost every day. I read this book to Big Sis a bit but she mostly enjoyed listening to the audio on Librivox. If after reading a chapter, she was especially intrigued by a specific bird we would look up more info about the bird and maybe even make a nature journal page to go with it. It’s times like these that I think, “How did people homeschool without the internet?!” I mean seriously, we can let our curiosities lead us wherever we want and learn more than we could ever remember about a single bird. It seriously blows my mind.

Another read aloud that we have SO enjoyed is The Trumpet of the Swan. I just love E. B. White. This is a sweet story of Louis the trumpeter swan who is born without the ability to make a sound. With the help of a boy named Sam he figures out several clever ways to communicate. The vocabulary in this is perfect for a real aloud for young kiddos. Big Sis and I are absolutely loving it.

Edward the Emu was my girls’ favorite fiction bird book.

This is a fun light-hearted story about an emu who tries to take on the role of several different animals in the zoo in effort of trying to be the best animal at the zoo. Of course, Edward ends up learning that Emus are great and he should just be himself. The illustrations are fun and while there aren’t many bird facts it’s just an overall fun book.

My favorite story that we read was Albert.

I wasn’t expecting much from this book but it really was a sweet story and a great reminder that we should be getting out there even when it’s not easy. Basically Albert is a man who looks out his window each day and finds a reason not to go outside, it’s too hot, too cold, too wet, etc. But then a family of cardinals builds their nest in his hand and he is stuck there for months holding this nest. This would be an especially good book for kids who struggle with anxiety. One of our girls does and it was a great springboard for talking about all he was missing out on by making excuses not to go outside.

Hello My Name is Ruby is another fun book that will introduce your kids to whimsical images of different birds but the story is just a fun light-hearted story.

Feathers for Lunch is a fun, short little story, probably best for the youngest readers but Big Sis still liked to look at the various birds and feathers, which are labeled on each page. E really enjoyed the story though.

Pale Male was interesting true story of a hawk who takes up residence in New York City. The book is pretty long but Big Sis was interested in the story and wanted me to read it all in one sitting.

Mama Built a Little Nest is a cute story about different types of nests that birds build. There are also facts about each birds’ nest throughout the book.

An Egg is Quiet is about all different types of eggs, not just bird eggs. The illustrations are beautiful. There’s also a book, which we didn’t read, called A Nest is Noisy which is about different type of animal nests.

Feathers: Not Just for Flying is another beautifully illustrated book that talks about the various uses of feathers.

Have You Heard the Nesting Bird? was Big Sis’ favorite book. There are various birds’ calls within the book and Big Sis and E loved repeating after me.

There are also some really great bird books on Epic! that we enjoyed reading.

Adopted By An Owl on Epic! Books

Adopted by an Owl: The True Story of Jackson the Owl is a really cool story about a man who helps rehabilitate an owl and after releasing the owl, the owl decides to stay on the family farm for his whole life. It’s a really sweet story and a great way to open up the conversation about respecting nature.


I really loved Is This Panama?: A Migration Story. It’s a super cute story of Sammy, a Wilson’s warbler, who is going to make his first migration from the Arctic Circle to Panama. He makes various friends along his way and finally makes it to Panama although he took the long way. At the end of the book you can see the normal path a Wilson warbler takes and the path that Sammy took.

We read a few other books as well but these were our favorites. Do you have a favorite bird book we haven’t mentioned? We’d love to check it out!