Recycled Marker Bubble Painting

If your house is anything like mine, you have lots of bubbles and lots of dried up markers laying around. We usually throw them out until I saw this post on Apartment Therapy about soaking your dried markers in water and creating watercolors! So genius! I have also seen quite a few posts about bubble painting, with my favorite being from My Cakies, one of my new favorite blogs (I have a lot of favorites, have you noticed?). I decided to combine all of the ideas I’ve seen and create our own bubble watercolors. We had a blast!

What you need:
Dried markers (you can also you watercolors or tempura paint if you don’t have dried markers)
Pliers, to take the tips out of the markers
White paper (watercolor paper would be awesome but we just used construction paper and white cardstock)
Bubble Solution
Bubble Wands
Containers to put the bubbles in

This is a good activity to begin while your little ones are napping or having their quiet time as it takes awhile to get the tips out and letting them soak in the solution. Pour some bubble solution in small cups, I used the small Ziploc cups so that I could save the leftover paint.

Starting with one marker, use the pliers to take the tip out of the marker, place the tip in one of the cups of bubble solution. Use the pliers to break the plastic tip off of the marker.

photo 1

Pull out the ink fiber “tube”,  cut the plastic off and put the fibers into the bowl of bubble solution. Repeat this for each of the colors you are making.

photo 4

Add more bubble solution if it’s too vibrant, otherwise, take it outside and start playing! We still love our Gymboree Bubble blower but we also used the bubble wand.

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2

photo 4

The end result was pretty cool:

photo 5